My Kitten-less Summer

My last kitten left for his new home yesterday.  Normally I am a little sad, but this litter was the last one from my boy Rusty which makes it more poignant.  Poor Rusty was such an easy keeper that I kept him breeding until he was eleven years old!!  As many of you know, intact male cats have this nasty habit of spraying, so they have to be kept separated if you want your house to smell good.  Though Rusty loved his ‘job’, he deserved to have part of his life as a pet, with the freedom to roam the house.  He is now in his new home with a friend of mine and is an ‘only cat’ who gets lots of attention.


Randal at six weeks old. He was the last to leave.

This most recent litter was also the last one from my girl Delilah.  She is seven years old today and for a female that is about as old as you want them to get for breeding.  She will be spayed next week and remain here as my pet.  (Yeah, yeah, I’m not good at parting with my retired cats.  Rusty couldn’t stop himself from mounting girls after he was neutered or from intimidating my other boys, or else he would still be here too.)

At three weeks they are so adorable!

At three weeks they are so adorable!

Usually when a litter is gone, I have another planned soon, but this time there are no litters coming.  My new boy Blaze hadn’t yet matured enough when Susie Q and Angel Baby came in heat last month.  So now we wait for them to cycle around again, which I hope is soon.  So I am trying to look on the bright side of being without kittens for a few months.  The reasons to be happy about it are as follows:

Not so much litter box cleaning!  We have oodles of cat boxes in our house.  I even have three hidden in my living room.  Now there are way more than the recommended number for the eight adult cats that live here.

The toy basket is fun to lay in.

The toy basket is fun to lay in.

The cellar door can be left ajar!  We have a fenced in enclosure that the cats get to via a cat door in the cellar.  Kittens are NOT allowed in the cellar or in the cat pen.  I spend my days opening and shutting that door for the adult cats.  Unlike dogs, they don’t scratch to go in or out.  They just sit their looking put upon…  Ok, so Beyonce does scratch like mad to come in, but the others are martyrs.

The living room rug is uncluttered!  The kittens love to spread their toys around everywhere and they themselves are often draped around on the rug.  So now the living room rug will look nice.  Well, until the next time our golden Pyrenees Teddy Bear comes in from the peeper pond and dumps his drying mud flakes all over it.

Annie (and toys) on the rug.

Annie (and toys) on the rug.

We can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about kitten teeth on our toes!  When the kittens are getting close to the three month point, they discover what fun it is to climb up on the bed and attack those big bumps under the covers that move from time to time.  Nothing like being shocked out of a deep sleep by an attacking tiny feline.  Hard to tell your sleeping self to keep those feet still!

The resident cats are very happy!  It is not like they hate kittens, as many of them are very good to them.  But with no kittens around, they get more attention from me, the cellar door is open and they don’t have to fend off the greedy kittens from their canned food bowls.

Ok, so why am I still feeling lonesome for those adorable faces, and the thunder of kitten hooves (yes, they sound like little horses) racing down the hallway from the living room through the kitchen to the family room?

Maybe I’ll get used to the silence…

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